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Stephanie Blanchard, B.Ed.Sec.Art Teaching

Stephanie's Art Class

child's drawing by Max at age six


child's drawing by Max at age seven


Programs vary from term to term so that children don't become bored. All programs include some of the following:

All lessons include short sessions on talking about art.

A wide variety of materials are used:
pencil, coloured pencil, felt-tip pens, conte, textas, acrylic paint, soft pastels, oil pastels, oil paint, water colour, water colour pencil, clay papier mache etc.

child's drawing by Simon at age nine

Costs and how my class works

A maximum of 10 children (subject to Covid restrictions).

All materials are supplied so children don't need to bring anything except a drink and a snack if they want one.

An adult may stay for the first few classes if their child 'gets the wobblies' when going to something new. Classes cost $30 each. This can be paid as a term fee or lesson by lesson, so long as the whole fee has been paid by the end of the term.
New students may come for 3 lessons on a pay-as-you-come basis for a trial. On the fourth lesson , if they continue with classes, they are financially committed for the rest of the term. This, however does not need to be paid up front and can still be paid on a weekly basis.

Missed lessons must be paid for.

child's drawing by Samantha at age nine


(5-10yrs) 4pm-5:30pm

This age grouping is not set in concrete, and is open to negotiation and depends very much on the students skill level, social development.

The heated and cooled studio is located in pleasant surroundings at 78 West St TORRENSVILLE, South Australia.

Because we are located in the inner west of Adelaide (near the Brickworks Marketplace), students come from north, south, east and west of Adelaide.

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